What is the HK Prize?

Gambling Blog Mar 16, 2024

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The prize was established in 2015 to honour researchers who have made outstanding contributions toward world civilisation and society harmony. The winners will receive monetary awards, and the opportunity to visit some of Hong Kong’s premier research facilities for six months. They can also participate in an international conference or seminar within their field of research.

This year, 102 artworks were shortlisted for the prize. They explore different aspects of global evolution, socially, culturally, and technologically. These include the impact of migration and displacement, climate change, labour migration, and feminism. The prize also encourages artists to use different mediums and perspectives, allowing them to interpret the theme in their own unique ways.

Winners of the HK Prize will receive both monetary rewards and trophies. They will also be able to spend six months interning at one of Hong Kong’s top research institutions. This can help them network with top scientists in their fields and expand their professional horizons. The competition is free to enter and is a great way for students to develop their writing skills while learning about Asian culture.

A panel of judges will evaluate the entries and select a winner. The judges will take into account the quality of the writing, the depth of knowledge displayed, and the ability to communicate the findings clearly. They will also look at the research methodology and conclusions presented in the submissions. The winner will be announced at an awards ceremony.

The winners will be awarded a monetary prize sponsored by Bank of China (Hong Kong) Limited and a trophy, and the winner in each award field will also be granted the opportunity to attend an international conference or seminar within their field of expertise. They will also be invited to visit some of Hong Kong’s premier scientific facilities, where they will meet scientists from all over the world.

The award will be handed out at an event in March, where the winner will be honoured alongside other outstanding science and technology innovators. Past winners have included a scientist who developed an artificial pancreas, an artist who has interpreted human rights issues into fine art concepts, and a filmmaker who made a socially conscious film about family trauma and student suicides. The judges will choose the winner from a pool of nominees who have made remarkable contributions to science and technology in Hong Kong. The prize is open to individuals and teams from all over the world, including those living in mainland China. The review committee will make independent judgments and objective evaluations based on candidates’ scientific and technological innovation achievements, their influence on the transformation of R&D results, and the social or economic value created.